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Welcome and thank you for using Monitorizo USA. This is a search engine to find Amazon offers, in addition to find the best deal for each product, it allows you to see the historic and price developments for each product over time.

On the other hand, Monitorizo allows you to receive email alerts to notify you of the lower price of any product on Amazon USA. Therefore, you know when it is a good time to buy and save a lot of money on your shopping.

1-Search for product

Use our search engine to find the product you are interested in buying on Amazon.

2-Create an alert

Create an alert to notify you when the price of the product has dropped.

3-Get notified

Get an email alert when the product has dropped in price and save by buying straight away.

Monitorizo is an ideal tool to save on buying at Amazon

fede prieto

Fede Prieto / Sales Expert

It is a convenient, simple and easy way to take advantage of the best Amazon deals

jon viguri

Jon Viguri / Computer Engineer

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